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COLHS offers for sale several books, prints, maps and other items pertaining to area history in a small gift shop area in the main office at the History House.

  NEW   - Select items are available at the Anthony Gallery Annex, operated by the Powers Library, 106 Main Street, Moravia.  Select items are also available at the Cayuga County Historian's Office in the Historic Old Court House Building, 157 Genesee Street, Auburn, NY.

All gift shop sales benefit the Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society.  New York State residents are required to pay applicable state and local sales tax.

Featured Books

Moravia and Its Past
by Leslie L. Luther

This is a long-awaited reprint of Mr. Luther's exhaustive history of the Moravia area, prepared for publication by Mr. S.T. Joshi.  It has been set in a new easier-to-read typeface using state-of-the art printing techniques with corrections to some apparent typographical errors.  The index has been entirely recompiled, and emphasis has been placed on indexing nearly every name, place and business.  While this edition is a high-quality hard cover book, we are making it available to our members and the public at a very reasonable cost.

Hardcover, 414 pages
$30.00 Members
$35.00 Non-members
The Drum Major of of Company A
by Frank Foti

Colonel Speck, deserves a place of honor in the pantheon of Moravias celebrities alongside Millard Fillmore, Jethro Wood, John D. Rockefeller, Dr. Cyrus Powers and others. A celebrated midget, Speck lived a grand and fascinating life across a broad spectrum of careers. Possessing extraordinary musical talent and acting ability, he entered show business at the tender age of sixteen. Speck toured the country as a member of the famous Liliputian Opera Company for five seasons. Following his retirement from show business in 1884, he returned to Moravia and became one of the towns most beloved community and business leaders.

Paperback, 198 pages
$17.50 Members
$19.50 Non-members

Local Favorites
Town of Locke New York 1802 – 2002 Bicentennial
by Esther Thornton
Paperback, 150 pages
$20.35 Members
$22.25 Non-members
Niles 1833 - 1983
by Mabel L. Crosby
Paperback, 138 pages
$7.50 Members
$8.50 Non-members

Millard Fillmore (booklet)
by Robert J. Scarry
$3.75 Members
$4.25 Non-members
Mecca of Spiritualism (booklet)
by Dr. Joyce Hackett-Smith
$3.75 Members
$4.25 Non-members
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We have many more items available at The History House.  Please visit us if you are in the area.

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