Some 800+ family files, housed in the Luther Research Center at the "History House", home of The Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society, augment the records of individuals who have lived in the area represented by the Historical Society.  This collection began when the collection of Leslie Leon Luther, and his wife Bertha Kind Luther, were left to the Society, by his family.  Mr. Luther was the Historian in Moravia for 25 years.

Please note that the contents of family files varies widely.  Items included range from notices, letters, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, to whole lineages of several generations.  We also include inquiry letters and emails going back to the 1950's.  Just because a name is listed below does not guarantee that we have a vast amount of information about that family.  On the other hand, a single piece of paper with the name of a fellow researcher can occasionally help break down the most stubborn genealogical brick wall.

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Abbe, Abbott, Abbott-Nuitt, Abrams, Abraham, Ackerman, Ackerson, Ackley, Ackles, Adams, Adams-Crofoot, Adessa, Adriance, Akin (Aiken), Aldrich, Allee, Allen, Alley, Allis, Alvord, Alword, Amerman (Ammerman), Ames, Ames-Porter, Andkregg, Andrews, Annis, Anthony, Armstrong, Arnold, Atchison, Atherton, Atwood, Auchampaugh, August, Augustus-Austin, Austin-Benson, Austin, Avery
Babbitt, Babcock, Bacon, Badman, Bailey, Baird, Baker, Ball, Bancroft, Balbirnie, Bangs, Banks, Bannister, Banta, Barber, Barhite, Barker, Barnes, Barney, Barney, Barnum, Barron, Bartlett, Bassett, Bateman, Bateman-Howe, Bates, Beach-Clark, Beard, Beardsley, Beck, Becker, Bedell, Bell, Beebee, Belding, Bellerdine, Bemiss, Benedict, Benjamin, Bennett, Bennett-Carney, Benson, Berean, Bergenstock, Birkenstock, Berlew, Bevier, Beyea, Bigelow, Billows, Birdsall, Bishop, Blakely, Blanchard, Blanden, Blewett, Blowers, Boardman, Bordwell, Body, Booker, Booth, Bosworth, Bothwell, Bottum, Boudinot, Boughton, Bouton, Boudinot, Bowen, Bower, Bowker, Boynton-Fowler, Bradley, Bradt-Bratt, Brambley, Branch, Breed, Bregg, Brennan, Brewster, Brigden, Briggs, Brinkerhoff, Bristol, Broadhead, Brockway, Bronson, Brooks, Brow, Brown, Buchanan, Buck, Buell, Burch, Burgdoff, Burger, Burgess, Burling, Burlingham, Burnett, Burns, Burtis, Bush, Button, Byrne
Cady, Cairns, Calkins, Calloway, Campbell, Canavan, Card, Carder, Carrier, Carris, Carter, Cartner, Casler, Case, Casey, Caza, Chadellayne, Chamberlain, Champney, Chandler, Chapin, Chapman, Chase, Chichester, Chilson, Chipman, Christiansen, Church, Churchill, Clark, Claxton, Cleveland, Close, Clough, Cobb, Coiley, Colburn, Collard, Collins, Cole, Conklin, Conoly, Cook, Cook (King, Clark, etc.), Coon, Cooper, Cooper-Abram, Cornell, Cornwell, Corrigan, Cortright, Couchman, Coulson, Covey, Cowan, Cox, Coyle, Cramer, Crandall, Crane, Crawford, Cresey, Crippen, Crocker, Crofoot, Croft, Crosby, Crowell, Cruthers, Cuddy, Cushing, Cushman, Cutler, Curtice, Curtin, Curtis, Cortis, Cuykendall
Dann, Darby, Dates, Dates (Deits), Dauchy, Davenport, David, Davison, Day, Dean, DeCamp, Decker, DeCoudres, Defendorf, Delano, Dennis, Demont, Demont (Dumont, Denund, Damande), Depuy (Depuee, Depaugh), Dempsey, DeShong, Devendorf, Devine, Devoe, DeWitt, Deyo, Dibble, Dickenson (Dickerson), Dickson, Doane, Dodge, Dodge, Dolph, Dolson, Donald, Doolittle, Doty, Dowd, Douglas, Downing, Downes, Doyle, Drahos, Drake, Duell, Dunham, Durston (Hamlin), Duryea, Duryee, Dusenbury, Dykeman
Eastland, Eaton, Eberhardt, Eddy, Edmonds, Edmunds, Edsall, Edson, Edwards, Eldred, Eldridge, Elliott, Ellis, Elwell, Ennis, Elsbree, Erb, Ercanbrack, Ercanbracks, Earhart, Erhart, Eshleman, Ettinger, Ewer(s), Everson, Evertson
Fancher, Fairman, Farmer, Farnham, Farnsworth, Fay, Fay-Mead, Fear, Fellows, Ferguson, Ferris, Field, Fillmore, Fink, Firkins, Fisk, Fit, Fitzgerald, Fland, Fleming, Flick, Flint, Flowers, Follett, Foot, Foote, Forbe, Forbes, Ford, Fordyce, Forman, Fosdirk, Forster, Fowler, Fox, Francis, Franklin, Frederick, Freelove, Freeman, Freer, French, Fries, Frisbee, Fritts, Fuller
Gaffney, Galbraith, Gallup, Gamber, Gamber (Gambier), Gardner, Garrison, Gaston, Gates, Gear, Gearhart, Gere, Gibbs, Gifford, Gilbert, Gleason, Glover, Goddard, Goff, Goodele, Goodnough, Goodrich (Goodridge), Gordon, Grader, Gorham, Grant, Gravitt, Gray, Green, Greene, Greenfield, Greenman, Griffin, Griggs, Groshong, Groven, Guilfoos, Guilfoose, Gunn, Gunsales/Gunsalus, Guppy
Hacket, Hackett, Hagernan, Haight, Hair, Hakes, Hale, Hall, Halladay, Hamblin (Hamlin), Hamilton, Hammond, Hand, Hanes, Hannum, Hardy, Hargett, Harris, Hart, Harter, Hartnett, Hasbrouck, Haskins, Hatfield, Hathaway, Havens, Hawley, Hazard, Head, Heald, Heath, Heaton, Heffernan, Heliker, Henshaw, Herbert, Herricks, Herridge, Herman, Hess, Hessek, Hettis, Hewitt (Houghitt, Hughitt, Huggitt), Hicks, Hike, Hill (Hills), Hilliard, Hinckley, Hines, Hinman, Hoag, Hoagland (Hodgeland), Hockeborn, Hodge, Hodgeman, Hoffman, Hogan, Hogeboom (Hoogeboom), Hole, Holland, Hollingsworth, Hollister, Holley, Holmes, Honeywell, Hoochlandt, Hooper, Hopkins, Hornbeck, Horsington, Horton, Hoskins, Hotchkiss, Houghteling (Houghtelin), House, Hovey, Howard, Howe, Howell, Howland, Hoxie, Hoyt, Hudson, Huff, Hughes, Hunt, Hunter, Huntley, Hurlbut, Hussey, Hutson, Hutson
Ingraham, Isham (Marsh), Irland (DeBarr), Irish, Ivory
Jackett, Jaquett, Jackson, Jacobs, Jayne, Jeffrey, Jenks Jennings, Jewett, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Joraleman, Jump
Kane, Keeler, Kehoe, Kellogg, Kelly, Kelsey (Kelsay), Kemp, Kennedy, Kenyon, Keogh, Ketchum, Kies (Kees), Kilborne (Kilborn), Killam, Kilton, Kimball, Kimpton, King, Kingston, Kirkpatrick, Klipple, Knapp, Knickerbocker, Knight, Knottek (Knotek), Koenig, Kubelac
LaBounty, Lacey (Lacy), Ladd, Lake, Lamphier, Lane, Larmon, Lattimore, Laurence, Law, Lawrence, Lawton, Lazell, Leach, Lee, LeFevre, Leffingwell (Liffingwell), Leland , Leggett, Leonard, LeSeaur, Lester, Letchworth, Lewis, Lick, Lillie, Lindbergh, Little, Livingston, Locke, Lockhart, Lockwood, Logan (Chief), Long, Loomis, Low, Lowe, Loyster, Lupper, Lurvey, Luther, Lyon (Lines, Lynes)
Mack, Mackey, Main, Malseed, Manchester, Mann, Marchant, Marks, Marlette, Maroney, Marsh, Masdem, Mason, Mastin (Marston), Mather, Matijas, Matteson, Mattoon, McCarthy, McClean, McConnell, McCready, McCormick, McCoon, McComber, McDonald, McGeer, McIntyre, McNeil, Mead, Melendy, Mercereau, Merchant, Merriman, Merrow, Metcalf, Miles, Millard, Miller, Miles, Mills, Minor, Misner, Moe, Montgomery, Monroe, Montour, Moore, Morris, Morse, Morton, Mosher, Moss, Mulholland, Mulvaney, Munn, Murphy, Mott, Myer, Myers (James)
Narracon, Nash, Nasholb, Neal, Needham, Nelson, Nesbitt, Newberry, Newell, Newlin, Newland, Nichols, Niles, Nolan, Norton, Nostrand, Noyes
Oakley, O’Brien, Ochoboch, O’Connell, Odden, Odell, O’Donnell, Olcott, O’Hara, O’Rourke, Osborn, Osborne, Ostrander,Otis, Otebee, Otobie, O’Toole, Overacher, Owen, Oyer
Packard, Parr, Palmer, Parker, Park, Par Parmington, Parsell, Parsons, Patten, Patterson, Patchen Paul, Peacock, Pease, Pearsall, Pearson, Peck, Pendleton, Penneck, Perkins, Perkins-Snyder, Perrigo, Perry, Phelps, Phillips, Phinney, Pierce, Pinkney, Platten, Prine, Polley (Polly), Pomeroy, Poppino, Porter, Post, Powell, Powers, Pratt, Prior, Proper, Prouty, Ptak, Pulver, Pulsipher, Putnam
Quackenbosch, Quigley
Rafferty, Randall, Rappleye, Rasmussen, Rathbun (Rathburn), Rawson, Raymond, Raynor, Redway, Reeves, Reid, Reiks, Remington, Reynolds, Rhoads (Rhodes, Roads), Rhubottom, Rice, Richard, Richards, Richardson, Richtmeyer, Riley (Reilly), Ripley, Rixon, Roberts, Robinson, Rockefeller, Rodgers, Rogers, Roderick, Roe/Rowe, Rohm, Rood, Root, Rose, Rosecrans (Rosekrans, Rosenkrans), Ross, Rounds, Roundy, Rowley, Royce, Rundell, Runyon, Ryan
Sager, Schell, Scarry, Schellinger, Schuyler, Scott, Scriven, Scuby/Shube, Seaman (Seamon), Searles, Sears, Sellen, Selover, Sevier, Seward, Shank, Sharp, Shaver, Shaw, Sheldon, Shepherd, Shepardson, Sherman, Shields, Shiels, Shimer, Shirley, Shourds, Siddel, Sidney, Signor, Silcox, Silkworth, Simerson, Simmons, Sincerbeaux (Sincerbox), Sinclair, Skinner, Slack, Slade (Sleight), Slocum, Slosson, Smith, Snow, Snyder, Soule, Southard, Spafford, Sparks, Spaulding (Spalding), Speck, Spencer, Sperry, Splaine, Spinks, Springer, Standart, Standish, Stanton, Stancliff, Steele, Stevens, Stevenson, Stuart (Stewert), Stiles, St. John, Starkweather, Stockwell, Stoddard, Stone, Stoker, Stockwell, Story, Stottle, Storms, Strom, Strong, Stoyell, Sturdevent, Sullivan, Sutton, Summerton, Swayze, Sweet, Sweeting, Swift, Symonds
Taber, Taggart, Talbot, Tanner, Taylor, Taylor-Hopkins, Taxlor, Teed, Terry, Terwilliger, Thayer, Theiss, Thomas, Thompson, Thorpe (Thorp), Thurber, Ticknor, Tidd, Tifft, Tillotson, Titus, Tobias, Tolley, Toan-Ton, Town (Towne), Townsend, Treat, Trumble, Tubman, Tucker, Turner, Tuthill (Tuttle), Tychanyeh, Tyhanic
Upson, Utter
Van Arsdale, Van Auken, Valentine, Van Benschoten, Van Burger, Van Dusen, Van de Werke, -Weeken- Werker, Van Cleef, Van Duyne, Van Etten, Van Fleet, Van Guider, Van Giesen, Van Houten, Van Liew, Van Marter, Van Norstrand, , Van Orden, Van Patten, Van Pelt, Van Schaick, Van Slyke- Slyck- Slack, Van Tine, Van Tuyle, Vorhees, Vosburgh, Vose
Wade, Wadsworth, Wager, Wagner, Waite, Wakeley, Waldron, Walker, Wallace, Walsh, Walter, Walters, Ward, Warner, Warren, Wasson, Wayner, Wattles, Weaver, Webb, Webster, Weed, Weeks, Weiler, Welty, Wending, Wensky, West, Westfall, Westover, Welch, Wheat, Wheeler, Whipple, White, Whiting, Whitman, Wiggins, Wilber, Wilbur, Wilcox, Wilhelm, Wilhouse, Wilkinson, Willett, Williams, Willis, Willison, Willman, Willson, Wilson, Wiltsie, Winchell, Wing, Winter, Wisner, Withers, Wixon, Wolf, Wood, Woodard, Wooden, Woodford, Woodworth, Woolsey, Worley, Worden, Wright, Wyckoff
Yawger, Young, Young/Youngs
Zabawasky. Zielie, Zwirn

Please note: Many Familiar names have more than one file for example:
White, Hunt, Smith, Green.

Published Genealogies of Area Families
Ames, Aldrich, (see Jennings) Andrews, (see Ferris) Babcock, Brokaw-Brakaw Herritage, Bateman, Beebe, Bigelow, Brenner, Brinkerhoff, Carrie, Carris, Crysler, Close, (see Ferris) Cole, Coombe, Davenport, Denman, Fort, Follett, Ferris, Fowler, Germond (see Jennings), Gillett, (see Cole) Gibbs, Griggs, Greeley, Hakes, LaMont, (see Jennings) Lane, (see Ferris, Greeley) LaZell, Little (see Morse), Luther, Marsh (see Wood) Morris (see Hakes) Hicks, Hoskins, Hoxie, Keeler, Jayne, Jennings, Johnson, Manrow (Monroe, Manroe, Munro) Mattoon, Morse, (see Hakes) Morrses, Norstrandt, Oyer, Phillips, Robinson, Rosekrans, Redway, Sawyer, Sayles, Seldon, Sevier, Slade, Slocum, Thurber (see Hicks) Thurston, (see Greeley), VanTuyl, Wilcox, Wilbur, Wright, Wyckoff (see Wood).